Clinical Research

In spite of the improvements in the clinical care of critically ill patients, the mortality of these patients is still high in intensive care wards throughout the world. Potentially fatal conditions include many diseases and often multiorgan failure, (e. g. circulatory failure, respiratory or pulmonary failure, renal failure, neuromuscular failure, immunological dysfunction, cognitive disease or delirium). The host response of critically ill patients to potentially fatal illness is often only poorly understood, so that specific therapeutic interventions may be difficult.

Each year, our section for Clinical Research performs numerous clinical research projects, many in collaboration with internal and external partners or in cooperation with large international networks for research in intensive care (Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care (CRIC), Denmark; Network for Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care, Australia and New Zealand) and with industry. Our clinical research work is supported by our large team of research nurses, who have been professionally in GCP (Good Clinical Practice). Before the studies start, the projects are evaluated and approved by the Cantonal Ethics Committee.