Research in Intensive Care

We are actively working on the development of intensive care medicine – in our collaboration with many different clinical and research projects, as well as projects on process optimisation and quality assurance.

Aside from patient care and training and teaching, research is one of the core processes in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine. Our clinical and experimental research concentrates on the pathophysiology and treatment of (multi-)organ failure.

The Department of Intensive Care Medicine works in close collaboration with internal partner departments and with many distinguished international research networks (cooperation partners).

Our department participates in many international multicentre clinical studies. The clinical study team is supported by the team of Research Nurses.

The experimental research platform is the Experimental Surgical Facility (ESF) of the Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR) of the University of Bern. In the context of the ESF, the Department of Intensive Care Medicine performs experimental and laboratory research, as well as research on large animal models (e. g. for sepsis).

All clinical and experimental research projects performed by the Department of Intensive Care Medicine and within the consortium have the objective of enhancing our understanding of the chain of pathophysiological events during clinical disease. We employ a translational approach to develop new therapies.